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Listen here for a live streaming of TV Santa Cruz on February 23rd at 7pm PST. Celtic Sands performs for the entire 1 hour show of "Look Ma, I'm on TV", hosted by Richard Dussell.


Celtic Sands will bring a tear to your eye and a bit of dance to your step with their mix of
traditional Irish reels & jigs, Scottish strathspeys, plaintive Celtic airs and ballads, and sometimes a little Celtic
rock together for an intimate sound and some lively good times.

"To be sure, there isn't a lover of Celtic music that can listen to this CD without feeling their heart now belongs partly to Ireland, Scotland and Wales"----Pacifica Tribune 2012

"Celtic Sands is a dazzle of Poetry and Fun"----------Pacifica Tribune 2008

"A little bit of gypsy and solid musicianship is at the heart of the trio Celtic Sands."-------Jean's Magazines, April 2009

"The exceptionally talented musicians [of Celtic Sands] are already shining"-------Celtic Mp3 Music Magazine, May 2008

"Each song climbed in deep and proud, making feet tap and all eyes glisten"----Times Tribune, March 2007